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comprehensive vehichle painting & restoration services

we restore antique, classic, rare & sports cars

David Smith Frame & Body Shop provides a broad range of vehicle painting and restoration services for residents of Kanawha and Putnam Counties and surrounding areas. We do all types of protective undercoating, painting, clear coating, and finishing. Painting can provide an artistic and protective covering to older cars, keeping them from the ravages of time.


We restore antique, classic, rare, and sports cars to their original glory by locating and applying all original parts when possible.

lifetime warranty painting service

  • Premium Primer
  • Adhesion-Promoting Undercoating
  • High-Quality Urethane-based paint
  • Clear coat


We use state-of-the-art adhesion-promoting undercoating sprays that help your fresh coat of paint adhere strongly to the vehicle. These adhesion promoters work excellently on metal components and are a necessity for plastic components.


We employ only the finest automobile painters, who expertly apply a paint job that meets or exceeds the original showroom beauty of your vehicle. Our goal is to achieve a paint job result that is both supremely attractive and durable. Our professional paint jobs come with a standard lifetime warranty.

complete restoration

We offer complete restoration services to restore your vehicle to its original glory. We provide complete replacement with all original parts that meet factory specifications. We do it all, from the interior to the exterior. If you prefer, we can restore specific parts, as needed.

surface beautification

David Smith Frame & Body Shop technicians can smooth out all surface irregularities and imperfections to provide you with a mirror-like surface. We can finish your vehicle’s surface with a protective coating of the paint of your choice, followed with a shiny clear coat that will enhance the curves and beauty of your sharp, newly contoured vehicle. Our surface beautification service will leave you in awe.

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